Dating kissing crane knives

Made in solingen, germany, this congress pocket knife is made with yellow this new and r klaas 175th anniversary kissing crane kc 16y is 3 5/8.

Master crafted and polished by hand in the robert klaas factory in solingen, germany, these kissing crane pocket knives are the result of over 175 years of.

Kissing crane solingen, germany stag anglo saxon whittler knife billy yank solingen germany yellow 1446xx congress knife c1981 - xx date code:.

Dating kissing crane knives

His last book contains 310 pages of knife company dates and tang stamps it would be great to have that information available here online also. Kissing crane knives for sale cheap get a great sharp knife that will split hairs kissing crane stiletto knife, bowie knife, boot knife, bone handle stiletto.

Home » pocket knife reviews » robt klaas kissing crane solingen solingen indicates the dating of this knife is from 1937 – 1950. Kissing crane burnt bone composite stiletto pocket knife $2199 old price $4600 product currently unavailable,contact for in-stock date.

Dating kissing crane knives
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